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    • Ammonium chloride

    Ammonium chloride

    Ammonium chloride industrial grade


    CAS No.:




    EINECS No. :


    Place of Origin :

    Hunan, China (Mainland)

    Color :



    Ammonium Chloratum; Ammonium   Chloridum;

    Solubility :

    freely soluble in water,sparingly   soluble in ethanol(95%),have very good free flowing. The best one supplier   whom have the best internal quality. which the content pass seven different   international testing standard.

    Heavy metals :

    not more than 10 parts per million

    Packaging Details:

    kraft paper 25kg with PE liner or   demand as customers,one 20 's container hold 20TONS with pallet, 24TONS   without pallet.


    1.   Store in a cool, dry, ventilated house away from moisture.
      2. Avoid handling or transporting together with acidic or alkaline substances.
      3. Prevent the material from rain and insolation. Load and unload carefully   and protect from package damage.
      4. In the event of a fire, use water, soil or Carbon Dioxide Fire   Extinguishing Media. 


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