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    • Calcium Formate

    Calcium Formate

    • Calcium formate, which molecular formula is C2H204Ca, used as feed additive, suitable for all kinds of animals, has the effect of acidification, anti-mildew, anti-bacterial.
    • it is also used in concrete, mortar additive, leather tanning or as preservative.

    Calcium Formate 98%

    Molecular Formula:Ca(HCOO)2 

    Molecular Weight: 130.12

    CAS No.:544-17-2

    Description: Calcium Formate is white crystalline powder,slightly bitter taste, non-toxic, soluble in water, with slight moisture absorption.The solubility of calcium formate does not change much with the increase of temperature, 16g/100g water at 0℃ and 18.4g/100g water at 100℃.Specific gravity: 2.023(20℃), bulk density 900-1000g/L.Heating decomposition temperature >400℃.


    1. As a new feed additive : Calcium Formate is a new kind of feed additive with extensive use.Calcium Formate can not only used as acid agent instead of Citric Acid and Fumaric Acid, but also as perservative and anti-midew agent instead of Calcium Propionate.It is suitable for all kinds of animal feed to prevent diarrhea, dysentery and help digestion and absorption.

    2. As accelerator in contruction industry: Calcium formate for concrete and dry mortar applications to accelerate setting and hardening of concrete with good effect especailly at low temperature. Also used in the adhensive to improve water stability and workability

    3. Used in Leather tanning.

    Index Item

    Quality standard


    White crystalline powder

    Calcium Formate,%


    Total Calcium,%


    Weight loss after drying,%


    pH value of 10% water solution 


    Non solubles, %


    Arsenic (As),%


    Heavy metal (Pb),%


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