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    About SH Chemical Group


    SH Chemical Group Limited was the sales department of one big National Chemical Factory before 2002.

    After 2002.09.01, our company got out from the national company, and expanded the business scope, now our company is a leading producer and supplier of chemicals product in China. We have provided high quality, competive price and good service to global customers.  We have built a good bridge between China and Foreign market, introduing high quality product to the consumers, ensuring the safe and efficient transportation.

    We have our own lab and invested our own production facility in China, it ensure we could guarantee the quality by ourselves.

    We have built intimate relationship with many first-class Chinese manufactures and had our own warehouse, it ensure we could get better offer and inventory.

    We have very professional chemical education background staff and international sales, it ensure our good service


    Our company's name stands for "Sharing and Honesty ":

    Sharing  the success with partner and Seeking the win-win !

    Sincerely receiving every client and strictly controling product quality 


    If you are looking for a very reliable parnter from China, please make SH CHEMICAL GROUP as your best choice

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